Waiting to Die in a Tent, A Few Thoughts on Valhalla

The old viking warrior Einarr and his young friend Mikel battle to protect their distant city of Reidun. When Einarr is mortally wounded, Mikel sets out to locate Einarr’s estranged daughter Kára for a final father-daughter reunion. But before they can return, a mysterious figure finds Einarr alone-- and about to breathe his last.

A short play about a father and a daughter in the Viking Age.
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Waiting to Die in a Tent, A Few Thoughts on Valhalla

Recommended by

  • Ky Weeks:
    4 Nov. 2021
    Meyer's writing calls to mind the old epic stories of heroes, who die after a lifetime of greatdeeds, only to leave a void in their absence. In this play, we only know the warrior from his end, from his regrets and what gets left behind. Through his final moments we see the cracks truly open in a façade of strength, and see a glimmer of the human inside, facing down the weight of fate and his own choices. The end is a sincere and lovely moment of grace and redemption, both personal and mythic.

Character Information

  • Hildr
    A young shield-maiden turned Valkyrie. Aloof.
  • Einarr
    An old warrior, estranged father of Kára. Cynical.
  • Mikel
    A young warrior, friend and confidant of Einarr. Optimistic.
  • Kára
    A young farmer, estranged daughter of Einarr. Hopeful.
  • Viking Warrior
    A viking warrior killed by Einarr. Mortally wounds Einarr.

Production History

  • Community Theater
    Produced as an audio drama


Platinum Level
HEAR Now Festival