Kill Them With Kindness

SHORT - They say laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes it's not.
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Kill Them With Kindness

Recommended by

  • Ryan M. Bultrowicz:
    14 Sep. 2019
    This short play led to a lot of big laughs - Danley’s imagination really went wild (in the best possible way) with the lengths these doctors go to in an attempt to make their patient feel better! Super fun, super easy to produce, and would for sure be a super audience favorite.
  • Rachael Carnes:
    20 Mar. 2019
    THIS play made me laugh, nod my head, sigh, wince and say, "Hmm" - loud enough my cat noticed. Danley's voice is so fresh and her dialogue is so compelling. Bouncy! Like jazz. This delightful short play will win over audiences. It has everything! And is so rich and fun.
  • Donna Gordon:
    11 Mar. 2019
    Wouldn't the truth always trump kindness? Kate says yes in this very to-the-point piece. Doctors are shown to be insane showmen (glad for this critique). Somebody's gotta' do it.

Character Information

  • Brown
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
    Ability to tap dance (or fake it) a plus

Production History

  • Fringe
    Cone Man Running - Five Minute Mile
  • Community Theater
    Snow Dance Ten Minute Comedy Festival - Over Our Head Players at the 6th Street Theatre