You Got Older

When Mae's dad gets sick at the same moment her life implodes, she ends up moving in with him back home. A tender and darkly comic new play about family, illness and fantasy – and how we learn to keep going.
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You Got Older

Recommended by

  • Mark Thomas Johnson:
    30 Jun. 2018
    A fantastic and fantastically moving work. Barron's oeuvre is shaping up to be something incredible. Dance Nation reigns as her current masterpiece, but this is a close second.
  • Nicholas Vasilios Pappas:
    21 Jun. 2018
    Can only imagine what seeing this show would do to me, but if reading it is any indication, I'd be a wreck. Barron flows seamlessly between the hilarious and the devastating and captures the many shades of joy, grief, and everything in between as a family says goodbye. (Kind of amazed this has eluded any other recommendations on here? But hey, incredible play.)

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