Rights Restored (a monologue)

Rights Restored follows Gina as she tries to convince a voting precinct worker to take a full body shot of her with her new voting sticker so she can post it on Instagram... And Tinder, of course. ;)

Inspired by Florida's passing of Amendment 4, or the Second Chances Act.
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Rights Restored (a monologue)

Recommended by

  • Rachel Bublitz:
    16 Jan. 2019
    Who doesn't love a voting sticker? This monologue is so funny, and pointed. I love how direct Matthews makes it, there's such a clear drive to it. You also learn a ton about Gina in the brief time we have with her, and it never feels like exposition. The comedy is punctuated by a couple of sobering moments in the script, and the two tones play off one another beautifully. Really well done.
  • Rachael Carnes:
    21 Nov. 2018
    This character — "GINA" — is a pleasure to hear in my mind. She's weathered and wise, but still manages some great zingers - Matthews shapes this heartfelt piece with sharp humor and wry social commentary, covering extraordinary ground in just two pages as she touches on so many relevant responses to the passing of Florida's Amendment 4, or, the Second Chance Act. This powerful piece would be a terrific addition to a production of short plays on voting rights, or plays focused on women's rights. It's just so well done.
  • Asher Wyndham:
    20 Nov. 2018
    A powerful monologue that reminds us of the power of voting and how necessary this act is for marginalized citizens. One of my favorite voting plays. A smart choice for your festival on voting rights or issues re: minorities in America.

Character Information

  • Gina
    Late 20s, early 30s,
    person of color, Any race but not white
    Female-identifying, woman
    It is important that this role is played by a woman of color. In the original reading of this piece, the actress was Latinx.

Production History

  • University
    Ohio University