Spooky U: Rejection Letter

Scott receives a much anticipated letter in the mail.

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Spooky U: Rejection Letter

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  • Scott Sickles:
    17 Aug. 2023
    I'VE BEEN SOUCY'D!!!!!

    It's a beautiful nightmare come true!
    And is there any Asian American nightmare greater than a vision of achievement denied?

    REJECTION LETTER's just-a-touch-larger-than-life 50s-era sitcom dad is a perfect intermediary between Miskatonic's warmly formal epistle of inadmittance and my fragilely optimistic namesake suddenly more vulnerable despite being in a supportive presence.

    The tone is pitch-perfect, like a demon and its human prey merrily harmonizing as one devours the other, subtly examining the place of non-white non-straight people in a world that celebrates evil as it slowly considers tolerance. Even at home, progress is provisional.