TEN MINUTE: Two online gamers decide to meet IRL for a date.
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Recommended by

  • Scott Sickles:
    7 Sep. 2023
    The path to glory does not always follow the map! Sometimes, one must journey away from the trodden path. Storming the castle can wait. There are other dragons to be slain, smaller in stature but formidable nonetheless, guarding even more precious treasure. Time time comes in every quest where one must roll for initiative… and GO!

    SIDEQUEST is a delightful distraction from the quest of your day. It presents beautifully awkward likely neudivergent folks using real world magic to fight interior monsters in the maze of connection. Surprises abound, big and small. Roll the bones and cast that spell!
  • Aly Kantor:
    24 Aug. 2023
    Weird harmonizes with weird. In this romantic short, the most awkward first date in history is saved when one-half of the couple logs on to their shared MMPORG server and assumes his video game persona. From there, the two are able to connect on a familiar level, easing into their physicality as they recognize how much they have in common. The characters are believably quirky, and the reversal made me grin from ear to ear! Costumers and designers will have a blast creating looks for the avatars, and audiences will be giggling throughout! Heart eyes emoji!
  • Giselle Muise:
    22 Aug. 2023
    A fun, nerdy moment on the quest to love. Everything Steve writes is guaranteed fun; this is no different!

Character Information

  • BLUE Sphynx
    AKA BlueSphynx3641. Male, any age. Daniel’s game character.
  • ALPACA Fan
    AKA AlpacaFan47. Female, any age. Gemma’s game character.
    Can be played by the same actor who plays BLUE.


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