Members of the Frankensburgh, Texas community have gathered to retell and recount the events that have transpired after the unexplained disappearance of Rashaad Powell. The ensemble has stitched together a narrative timeline led by journalist Travis Coleman, reenacting the individual voices, moments, and characters that have circled the inhabitants of this small town since the incident.
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Recommended by

  • Mora V. Harris:
    11 Nov. 2023
    This play is is awesome! Richly complex, viciously funny, and totally captivating. I saw the reading at the Pittsburgh Public Theater and can't wait to see it fully staged one day!
  • University of Pittsburgh:
    30 Oct. 2023
    This play is extraordinary. It really captures our current climate in which word spreads so fast via social media and pseudo-news outlets, that the truth (& humanity) gets lost in the shuffle. I directed a reading of it that elicited such a strong emotional response from the audience that folks were yelling out to the characters. 8 actors play 30 roles in this fast-paced mockumentary-style piece. (-Ricardo Vila-Roger)

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    Pittsburgh Public Theater