Members of the Frankensburgh, Texas community have gathered to retell and recount the events that have transpired after the unexplained disappearance of Rashaad Powell. The ensemble has stitched together a narrative timeline led by journalist Travis Coleman, reenacting the individual voices, moments, and characters that have circled the inhabitants of this small town since the incident.
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Recommended by

  • Dane Futrell:
    30 May. 2024
    I love this play! It fervently takes from dramatic tradition but also paves its own innovative path through social commentary and complex dialogue. I'm excited to read more from TJ, his voice is super intriguing.
  • Mora V. Harris:
    11 Nov. 2023
    This play is is awesome! Richly complex, viciously funny, and totally captivating. I saw the reading at the Pittsburgh Public Theater and can't wait to see it fully staged one day!
  • University of Pittsburgh:
    30 Oct. 2023
    This play is extraordinary. It really captures our current climate in which word spreads so fast via social media and pseudo-news outlets, that the truth (& humanity) gets lost in the shuffle. I directed a reading of it that elicited such a strong emotional response from the audience that folks were yelling out to the characters. 8 actors play 30 roles in this fast-paced mockumentary-style piece. (-Ricardo Vila-Roger)

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    Pittsburgh Public Theater