Stand Still

Rachel encounters a bear on her honeymoon.
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Stand Still

Recommended by

  • Claudia Haas:
    24 Apr. 2018
    Whoa! An absolute thriller of a monologue. You will be riveted from start to finish. It’s a powerhouse of a monologue. I love how Cooper manages to interject humor while you are left biting your nails praying that Rachel doesn’t get eaten by a bear.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    20 Apr. 2018
    Talk about suspense! Just throw a freakin' grizzly bear into your monologue and that does the trick! I was instantly pulled into the life of this woman and her new husband. With STAND STILL Cooper does a fantastic job of giving three very different characters life and she does this with only ONE of those characters talking.
  • Franky Gonzalez:
    20 Apr. 2018
    What a hilarious way to start a marriage, and what a way to deal with a bear. The monologue, like the situation, is a delicate balancing act in both comedy and its high stakes. You wait in anticipation through the whole monologue, which speaks to the talent and abilities behind Samantha Cooper's writing. She catches your attention and does not let you take your eyes off for a second. Not unlike a grizzly bear in front of you during your honeymoon. Really great monologue.

Character Information

  • Rachel