Retch Gag Spew Hurl Heave Eject

The story inside that wants to get out.
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Retch Gag Spew Hurl Heave Eject

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  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    11 Oct. 2019
    Fabulous! Just freaking awesome! Wonderful monologue! Thank you Samantha Cooper for imagining and writing this! This is exactly how I feel half the time. This is intensely theatrical, and I'd love to see this onstage, but just maybe not at an audition...
  • Steven G. Martin:
    7 Oct. 2019
    Damn, damn, damn! Self-expression can be a vile, excruciating act. Cooper's monologue shows the character's desperation very well. Audiences will long remember this short play.
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    16 Nov. 2018
    So glad this was the NPX play of the day. Perfectly executed and a great monologue to perform or see on the stage and I feel inspired to create now.

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