Talking to Myself

(10 minute) a young person meets with themselves from thirty years in the future, in an attempt to learn how to be happy.
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Talking to Myself

Recommended by

  • Donna Hoke:
    5 Feb. 2019
    This play is deceptively simple; you think you know where it's going but when you get to the end, you have to go back and read it again for it to fully sink in. Good job!
  • Jennifer O'Grady:
    3 Feb. 2019
    I love the premise of this two-hander, which is really well-executed, along with its dark comedy and the questions it asks, which are questions we all ask but never get answers to. Would be terrific on stage.
  • Franky Gonzalez:
    13 Jan. 2019
    There are big questions and ideas discussed in this dialogue. In the same way Beckett's Krapp listens to and interrogates himself from thirty years previously, Cameron Houg presents an inverse looking toward tomorrow and what will come, what will be lost and what will always be remembered. It's a play that invites reflection on one's own direction before one takes it and asks us all to think about what it is we're going toward and if that path we've chosen may be one to reexamine. A lovely play that goes faster than expected but stays longer than you prepared for.

Character Information

  • Young
    A young person who is worried about the future and what it holds
  • Old
    An old person wishing they'd lived a better life.