Hair Tuck, Half Smile

[SHORT] A series of nested dreams, exploring how our celebrity obsessions both flatter and condemn us.

Might as well be titled: What We Dream About When We Dream About Katie Holmes
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Hair Tuck, Half Smile

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  • Christopher Plumridge:
    21 Feb. 2023
    A dream within a dream...erm within a dream? This is a unique, odd and wonderful play. We sometimes dream this way and wake up confused, then reality slowly kicks in and we have to face up to it... and in this case to try to save what we love.
    Maybe a hair tuck and half smile might...just possibly... save the day.
    This would be a fun challenge to stage.
  • Daniel Prillaman:
    27 Jan. 2023
    Do I pretend to know what "ontological" means? Yes, I do. Did I look it up? Yes, I did. Do I pretend to know about more "Dawson's Creek" and Scientology than I do? No. I know nothing. I know woefully little. James Van Der Beek. What I do know is that Gatton never fails, and his short play of Russian nesting doll dreams is hilarious. And yes, pretty privilege is real.

    My hair got longer as I read it.

    And I'm smiling now.

    You know, only a little.
  • Jacquelyn Floyd-Priskorn:
    24 Jan. 2023
    Oh man, what a roller coaster this short play takes you on! It’s an over the top farce until it’s not for poor Dan. If only he had more hair to tuck behind his ear, maybe he’d get what he wants.

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