Blood and Coal Dust

Two miners, trapped by a cave-in one of them triggered, confront their fears as they await rescue.

BRAND NEW - yet to be performed or even read, outside of Loft Ensemble's Writers Group!
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Blood and Coal Dust

Recommended by

  • Philip Middleton Williams:
    2 Nov. 2023
    The tension in this short play is set forth at the outset as these two trapped men contemplate their fate in the dark, lit only by a lamp that could signal more danger at any moment. In the hands of any other playwright it could terrifying, but Arthur M. Jolly has shown me so many different ways in his writings his ability to create the suspense that keeps you fixated on what will happen to Thomas and Carl, as well as how they anticipate what could happen. I found myself holding my breath, waiting to hear...

Character Information

  • Thomas
    Older than Carl. An experienced miner, and a survivor of a previous mine disaster.
  • Carl
    Younger than Thomas. A greenhorn who dreams of a new job far from the mine.