Blood and Coal Dust

Two miners, trapped by a cave-in one of them triggered, confront their fears as they await rescue.
Part of the 2024 SAMUEL FRENCH OOB FESTIVAL. The play will be on August 15th, 2024 at The Vineyard's Dimson Theatre, New York, NY.
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Blood and Coal Dust

Recommended by

  • Enid Cokinos:
    1 May. 2024
    This play puts me right there alongside young Carl and old-timer Thomas in a coal mine cave-in. Thomas’s story of surviving another cave-in, and what may have happened during those twenty-two days, adds the perfect amount of suspense to this story. I love plays that leave the audience wondering what will become of the characters, and BLOOD and COAL DUST does just that as Carl blows out the lamp, plunging them into darkness. End of Play. Perfect.
  • Douglas Gearhart:
    18 Mar. 2024
    Wow. This short play is as tough as nails. I hope like hell that it gets its due; as much as I hope the kid makes it out to Monterey.
  • Jan Probst:
    12 Mar. 2024
    Two very different viewpoints of the same harrowing situation frame the tense back and forth between two men trapped where neither wants to be. As Mr. Jolly slowly and seamlessly unfolds the underpinnings of their situation, it feels a bit like the air they are trying to conserve. Breathe deeply, while you can.

Character Information

  • Thomas
    Older than Carl. An experienced miner, and a survivor of a previous mine disaster.
  • Carl
    Younger than Thomas. A greenhorn who dreams of a new job far from the mine.