Based on the hilarious and heart-wrenching book by Luis Alberto Urrea- Inspired by the Movie The Maginificent Seven, Nayeli leaves with her best friends goth Vampi, and gay-bar ownder Tacho, to sneak into the US to bring seven Magnificent Mexican Men to defend their town from drug dealers. The epic journey from Sinaloa, Mexico- to- San Diego and finally to Kankakee Illinois- is laugh out loud funny and gut wrenching at the same time.
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Recommended by

  • Ellen Koivisto:
    4 Dec. 2018
    What a beautiful play, with vistas and snow and deserts and trash mountains and a quest to save a town by finding 7 Mexican men to sneak back into Mexico to fight off the narcos. During this huge road trip, people who are supposed to be heroes turn out not to be, people who should be compadres aren't, and people who seemed ordinary (or maybe a little crazy) become heroes before our eyes. You won't forget this piece -- it is magnificent!
  • National New Play Network:
    17 Nov. 2016
    Into the Beautiful North by Karen Zacarias is currently receiving a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere. The partnering NNPN Member Theaters are Milagro (Portland, OR), Central Works Theater Company (Berkeley, CA), San Diego Repertory Theatre (CA), and 16th Street Theater (Berwyn, IL).
  • Sheila Cowley:
    12 Sep. 2016
    A rollicking road trip inspired by The Magnificent Seven, to bring seven good men back to Mexico to save their town. A plucky young woman and her friends run up against racism, homophobia, Homeland Security and misguided missionaries - but complete their quest with joyous rebellion, absurdist humor and sheer determination. Terrific characters on a rousing quest for change.

Production History

  • Professional
    16th Street Theater