A Split Second

Selected for Plays for Us by The Actors Center (2020)

(10 Min) In two different places two unrelated women--a parent with a missing child, and a traumatized driver--speak about recent events that, unknown to them, are tragically connected.
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A Split Second

Recommended by

  • Arianna Rose:
    13 Jul. 2020
    A hard, beautiful, devastating play about the ways we all are connected, for better and for worse. Every parent's nightmare handled with care and expertise by playwright Jennifer O'Grady. A SPLIT SECOND reminds us of how we all live on borrowed time.
  • D. Lee Miller:
    11 Jun. 2020
    A devastating play that gives you different points-of-view at once - tied together by the same situation. The intensity of the story and the needs of the character spring this play forward to reveal its tragedy. Well done, O'Grady!
  • Susan Middaugh:
    12 May. 2020
    Jennifer O'Grady has structured this short play in a compelling way, even more so than if the focus was simply on the parent or on the driver. Spare dialogue conveys the subtext and the tragedy of this accident. Well done!

Character Information

  • Parent
    A middle-aged woman.
  • Driver
    A young woman.
  • Officer 1
    A police officer.
  • Officer 2
    A police officer.

Development History

  • Reading
    Plays for Us Series, The Actors Center