A Split Second

(10 Min) In two different places two unrelated women--a parent with a missing child, and a traumatized driver--speak about recent events that, unknown to them, are tragically connected.
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A Split Second

Recommended by

  • Stephen Kaplan:
    13 Jun. 2022
    Brings the audience along with its mystery and eventual answer, addressing a devastating event that resonated with the entire audience.
  • Debra A. Cole:
    1 Jun. 2022
    A mother's worst nightmare. A driver's horrifying moment. A nation's greatest crisis. Worlds collide in this powerful short play by JENNIFER O'GRADY. Pure brilliance.
  • Jessica Ilin:
    20 Jan. 2022
    A SPLIT SECOND was moving, captivating, devastating, and beautiful. O'Grady drew me in from start to finish, crafting an important play about how our world is more connected than we think. Never take anything for granted. Well done!

Character Information

  • Parent
    A middle-aged woman.
  • Driver
    A young woman.
  • Officer 1
    A police officer.
  • Officer 2
    A police officer.

Development History

  • Reading
    Plays for Us Series, The Actors Center

Production History

  • High School
    Bergen County Academies (NJ)


Plays for Us
The Actors Center