A youth pasture and a volunteer set up for a church event one long, dark and stormy night. A serial killer is loose somewhere in their small town. The small basement church is full of fear and pent up sexual longing. Will they make it out of the church together or will fear rule the day?
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Recommended by

  • Rachel Bublitz:
    27 Jan. 2019
    It is so challenging to be legitimately scary on stage, but I jumped more than once and had to hold the hand of the person next to me throughout the production of PURITY I saw. Rice has such a deft hand at building tension and suspense. Throughout the play you're not sure if you're about to see two people get together or watch someone get murdered. So creepy and very well written.

Character Information

  • Mary Beth
    Late Twenties,
    Born and raised among Evangelicals and the military industrial complex. Used to be a cheerleader and still has that excitable energy, the poise and the practiced smile. Perfectly put together normally, right now she shows all the signs of a person who is trying to rebuild her life.
  • Cameron
    Early thirties,
    Preacher man. Handsome in a small town sort of way. He has a ‘youth pastor’ vibe about him; eager to please and mission oriented.

Development History

  • Commission
    Awesome Theatre

Production History

  • Professional
    Awesome Theatre Company