The First Step (a one minute play)

It's Callie's first day in New York, and where she takes her first step will make or break her. (Run Time: 1 Minute)
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The First Step (a one minute play)

Recommended by

  • Chelsea White:
    29 Apr. 2019
    I have often wondered how much can really be conveyed in a one minute play but the range of emotions that can be felt in just this short script is incredible. You can hear the cynicism in the voices of the hardened New Yorkers and the optimism and the fear in the voice of Callie who is about to start her first journey in New York City. It reminded me of when I first arrived in NYC on my high school choir trip which was unfortunately also by bus like Callie. Liked that it ended with hope.
  • Maggie Goscinski:
    22 Apr. 2019
    THE FIRST STEP is a sweet dream come true. This play will make you smile (and remind you that New Yorkers aren't that bad).
  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    2 Mar. 2019
    Sometimes I go through the scripts I've downloaded to weed them out and clean up my computer, and this caught my eye. I immediately remembered it and wondered what I'd said about it, but I couldn't find the original recommendation, so I reread it, and it strikes me as just as wonderful now as it was then! I have a major love affair with New York City, and this captures some of the starstruck awe I first had and still feel whenever I walk through Times Square - even now as Disney-fied as it is! Thank you again Kat!

Production History

  • Professional
    Gi60: International One Minute Play Festival
  • Fringe
    ESPA at Primary Stages