[Short play, 2 characters] A look at gun violence in America through the eyes of an extreme Right-wing radio host and a moderate caller.
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Recommended by

  • Lindsay Partain:
    13 Apr. 2018
    RIGHT. ON. TARGET. The statistics that this play put forth gave me CHILLS. It's clear the play was written awhile ago but boy-oh-boy is it still relevant. A great piece for any theatre working with Protest Plays or Theatre Action Gun Control.
  • Nelson Diaz-Marcano:
    27 Apr. 2017
    An in your face short play about a topic that frustrates many, seen through the eyes of the past and future of this country. What could have been preachy, Robert turns into a call to action and then gives the solution. Good work.
  • Asher Wyndham:
    23 Jul. 2015
    If your theater is interested in presenting an evening of short plays on gun control or current political issues, then choose Robert's Gun Play. An intelligent short play on gun control, presenting the arguments for and against. Robert captures perfectly the voice and idiocy of Right-wingers that are anti-gun-control, and in doing so teaches Lefties, liberal readers/audience members, how to understand the opposition and win an argument--every time. Thank-you.

Character Information

  • Michael Michaels
    40s to 60s,
    Any (but probably white)
    Any (but probably Male)
    A loud mouthed, Fox News/Glenn Beck/Rush LImbaugh/Sean Hannity type
  • Bob
    20s to 50s,
    Any (but probably white)
    Any (but probably Male)
    A caller to Michaels radio show