Antony and Cleopatra ( After )

In the Underworld, Antony and Cleopatra meet by the River Styx. But not even fire can stop the Queen of Egypt from reclaiming her love.
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Antony and Cleopatra ( After )

Recommended by

  • Monica Cross:
    29 Apr. 2024
    ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (AFTER) is a gorgeous short sequel to Shakespeare's play. This play bathes us in beautiful language and fascinating spectacle! I want to see it staged. I want to be a part of staging it!

    Did I mention the absolutely stunning language? Verse. Rhyme. The entire play just sounds good.

Character Information

  • Cleopatra
    The Queen of Egypt, beloved of Antony
  • Antony
    The Roman General, beloved of Cleopatra
  • A God
    Anubis? Pluto? Some other Cthonic deity?