DOMINION: Prelude to an Activist

A little over 30 years before she wrote Silent Spring, her seminal book that ignited the modern environmental movement, Rachel Carson, a young biologist, fell madly and completely in love with the ocean.
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DOMINION: Prelude to an Activist

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  • Cheryl Bear:
    8 Sep. 2019
    The start of one's passion and dedication to a life's work. Wonderful and the exchange between these two characters makes it an absolute pleasure!
  • Tiffany Antone:
    19 Mar. 2019
    Such a lovely look into the character's driving passion for her work. Made me long for the ocean! Moving piece, strong characters, and visually evocative!
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    3 Feb. 2019
    There is so much passion and love in this play, the moment where Rachel Carson sees the ocean for the first time moved me to tears. Viellieu-Davis dramatizes history to great effect in this short.


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