RADIO PLAY - A radio play about the contributions of Madame Lou Grant to the city of Seattle. Though a "Founding Mother" and major player in the creation of the town, she has been erased from the history books because of her trade. Drawing from recently discovered sources, this is the first time her story has been told.
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Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    21 Jul. 2020
    A fascinating history of a powerful business woman who made some incredible contributions, but was burned out of history. Well done.
  • Steve Lyons:
    28 Jun. 2020
    Fascinating and touching story of the genesis of Seattle, and the big hearted woman who helped in the founding of Seattle. Previously lost to history, this engaging story needs to be told.
  • Aleks Merilo:
    9 Feb. 2019
    A fast placed blend of historical fact, comedy, and feminism, Madam(e) tells the wonderful and weird story of Madam Lou Graham and the "seamstresses" of Seattle. The rich history of Seattle plays out from the untold angle of a progressive brothel. Amusing, touching, and also significant, the story of Lou Graham is too good to be lost to history.

Production History

  • Professional
    Shoestring Radio Theatre - KXSF-FM San Francisco and the Public Radio Satellite System
  • Professional
    The Write Hour Podcast