DANIEL and GISELLE are cousins facing the daunting the task of cleaning out the garage of their grandparent's home. When their estranged cousin MAGGIE arrives, desperate for insight into the Jewish ancestry she never knew their family had, DANIEL and GISELLE must go to great lengths to hide their true purpose of searching the garage. A play about mixed-raced identity and how we choose to define "family."
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Recommended by

  • Playwrights Foundation:
    28 Dec. 2022
    The community of national and local readers for the 45th annual Bay Are Playwrights Festival in 2022 enthusiastically recommends WHAT WE FOUND as a Semi-finalist at Playwrights Foundation. We were deeply moved by the explorations of identity, homecoming; telling a familiar story of familial grief in a unique and intentional way. We were compelled by this play’s promise in its character development and burgeoning stylistic choices. We hope this play is widely read, finds dedicated collaborators, and moves swiftly towards production. #BAPF2022
  • David Winitsky:
    13 Oct. 2022
    I’m thrilled that this play poses questions about the complex interplay between race and Jewishness, questions at the heart of what the JPP is about. These are the critical, 21st century issues that need to be on our stages. I’m so excited for our community of readers to dive into this play.
  • Maximillian Gill:
    22 May. 2022
    Powerful and insightful, this fine play probes deeply into the intersectional complexities of these characters while always keeping the drama and the layered familial conflicts present. A chamber piece that expands to encompass generations. Compelling work.

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