Adult Competitive Playground GO!

A group of adults decide to vote on what childhood games would be fun to play. Things get progressively more competitive until the dreaded Red Rover is suggested.
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Adult Competitive Playground GO!

Recommended by

  • Maggie Gallant:
    1 Feb. 2022
    The title caught my attention and the play kept it throughout. Such a clever and inventive commentary on political and social divisiveness. Loved the humour, the recognition of the games (as a Brit I had to google one!) and especially the audience involvement and the 'choose your adventure' feel. Would love to be in the audience for this.
  • Jeffrey James Keyes:
    20 May. 2021
    Man, I just love this play & Young's writing and would love to be in the audience for this play. This clever, nuanced commentary on society through familiar/childhood games is such a delicious treat to read. The audience is in for so many surprises, I can't wait to see a production of this one day!
  • Robyn Ginsburg Braverman:
    4 Feb. 2021
    The subtext of Adult Competitive Playground GO! is such a delight, particularly in today's political climate.
    I loved it and laughed out loud more than once.

Production History

  • Professional
    Detention Series #47 at Primary Stages ESPA, New York, NY