In deep hilled Appalachia a man returns to the mountains to tell old relatives he's inherited the land. When he encounters a woman at a Sorghum mill he gets a lesson in remembering your history.
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Recommended by

  • Mariah Plante:
    29 Oct. 2019
    A beautiful piece of writing about a place I know well. Would love to see this on stage.
  • Joe Carlson:
    20 Mar. 2019
    Earth mound, rock, putrefying horse carcass upon which birds and flies seek to feast - a horrific setting replete with omens. A woman labors to make sorghum; a man to execute a will. Both hiding and seeking truth. But as the woman took the place of the horse, the man takes the place of the woman. For her this is a joke; for him a Hell where he is forced to pay a debt he didn’t know he had. "These hills have always been alive with magic," she says. With Mr. Young as magician in this gripping short play.

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