Who's responsible for the evolution of a toxic Black man?
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  • Jordan Elizabeth Henry:
    3 Feb. 2021
    Trauma haunts the family whose lives we follow over decades in Brake-Silla's brief but powerful play, "from." It asks timeless questions -- what is the root of violence? nature or nurture? -- and offers us no simple answers. It is hauntingly beautiful; I would love to see this in production.
  • Alex Kulak:
    28 Jun. 2020
    Brake-Silla gives contemporary American characters the poetic nobility of the tragic figures in Greek drama. Her plays capitalize on the notion that America can create a new native mythology. A fascinating piece.
  • Julie Zaffarano:
    28 Jun. 2020
    "from" by Nikki Brake-Silla is a poignant look into an African American family. The playwright's gift for authentic dialogue pulls us into the family home, as we see the complex relationships develop. Well done.

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