Written for Center Theatre Group's Writers Workshop 18-19
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Recommended by

  • David Hansen:
    23 Apr. 2019
    Burbano's script resides in a laboratory, one ostensibly for the study of great apes, specifically one orangutan named Wookie. But we the audience witness a larger experiment in human interaction, between hyper-intelligent folks on the spectrum. between races, human sexuality and illness, the effect of singing Echo & the Bunnymen in a controlled environment. How do our minds work? How much do we yet not know? How can we be aware of death and not go insane? It's a thought-provoking, compassionate work, and I seriously recommend it.

Character Information

  • Elsa
    A primatologist. Latinx. On the neuronormative end of the autism spectrum.
  • Wookie
    An orangutan.
  • Miri
    Elsa's cousin. A Latinx immigrant. Smart, fun and astute. Her hair is dyed in rainbow colors. Bilingual Spanish/English. 30's
  • AJ
    12-14. A young teen on the autism spectrum. Non verbal except with Wookie M or F
  • Jason
    A primatologist. Full of his own privilege, but essentially a good guy. Has advanced spleen cancer. 40's-50's

Development History

  • Residency
    Center Theatre Group