An adventure through Orange County told from the perspective of a girl on the autism spectrum. A play with illustrations.
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Recommended by

  • Elana Gartner:
    21 Jul. 2022
    As a person with a disability, I truly appreciated that this was written from the perspective of someone with autism. Her adventure with her cousin who is trying to take advantage of her disability to get out of her familial obligations and run off with her boyfriend is true to form and painful to watch as it unravels. There are wonderful emotional arcs for all of the characters. This is a great play to put on stage!
  • Cheryl Bear:
    15 Aug. 2020
    A wonderful story that gives us insight into the full experience of a girl with autism and her family. It's beautiful and it goes deep into our hearts. Love!
  • Shea King:
    1 Mar. 2019
    Orange is a story told with incredible creativity and wonder. I was hooked from the moment I met Leela. Having her perspective be the way we experience this play gave me access to the world like I never imagined. Orange is crafted with care and detail and it gives me hope for what the theatre could be like. This is an amazing play.

Development History

  • Workshop
    Pacific Playwrights Festival- SouthCoast Repertory Theatre
  • Commission
    SouthCoast Repertory Theatre