The Camera, The Gerbil, and the Big, Wide World


A nostalgic journey through a childhood friendship, and how a camera and a gerbil made the world huge and wonderful.
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The Camera, The Gerbil, and the Big, Wide World

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  • Steven G. Martin:
    1 Dec. 2019
    In this short one-act play, Danley dramatizes idyllic scenes of childhood friendship and uses narration by an adult to reflect on their impact. While young audiences will enjoy and relate to so much in Mary and Leo's connections, "The Camera, the Gerbil, and the Big, Wide World" will also resonate with older audiences who may understand how important the right person at the right time can affect our lives.
  • Rachael Carnes:
    16 Jul. 2018
    Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous play. Danley's language is rich and warm, her characters immediately sympathetic. Multidimensional, nuanced, contemporary roles for children or teens seem rare, so Danley's contribution here is especially welcome. She's penned a play that's both hopeful and charming — not because the characters or their situation is saccharine or contrived - but for its honesty and genuine humor. This play is deserving of many productions. And if the weight of the world has you down, read this gem.
  • Claudia Haas:
    9 Apr. 2018
    This is such a smartly written piece for young/family audiences and for two young performers (can be played by adults). It's the universal tale of a young friendship with opposite problems. Their challenges are gracefully laid out - there's not a lot of "show and tell" going on. We get to know them through some bugs, a rabbit, a gerbil and a camera. The turning point of wishing on a star is poignantly laid out. The imagery of the bugs, naming the stars, and freezing a moment in time is lovingly depicted. A wonderful addition to the TYA canon.

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    The Public House Theatre
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    Open at the Top