On a Friday night in the Spring of 2001, four teenagers have gathered to hang out and blow off some steam. Jenn likes Ethan. Ethan likes Alli. Alli likes Stu. Stu has a girlfriend. None of them can decide which movie to watch from the pile they got at Blockbuster. Over the course of the evening, they all break each others' hearts in a million tiny ways. Ten years later, they reunite to try and do it all again.
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Recommended by

  • Nicholas Vasilios Pappas:
    5 Mar. 2018
    A sharp and moving portrait of four teens on the brink of a rapidly changing world, Chill is a fantastic contemporary play perfect for professional and university productions.
  • Brianna Sloane:
    21 Jan. 2018
    I used Chill in my all-woman Acting class last term and it went over great. We used the final scenes of Act 1 and 2 for scene study and it was delightful to see the (college) actors really relate to the characters and themes that were so cleverly crafted yet so close to home. Lots of laughs, too. The students who performed read the play in full and were really intrigued by the format and the way the text overlaps and interplays.
  • Charles Haugland:
    25 Aug. 2017
    I saw this play in its premiere production at Merrimack Repertory Theatre, directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian. Eleanor has crafted an emotionally sharp, dramatically ingenious, and very very funny portrait of four friends ten years apart. The way she shows the changes in the relationships by mirroring moments between the first and second act is both beautiful and skilled -- and translated wonderfully in the production. The play has four great roles for actors in their 20s. Read this play.

Development History

  • Workshop
    Merrimack Repertory Theatre

Production History

  • Professional
    Merrimack Repertory Theatre