The Un-Help Desk

TEN MINUTE PLAY- Jerry discovers his friendly attempts to help a young library patron find a topic for her paper to be unappreciated and unwanted.
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The Un-Help Desk

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  • Lisa Dellagiarino Feriend:
    30 Aug. 2021
    This short play about a librarian giving unwanted advice is terrific. A teenager has come to the library to find a biography on an important historical figure, and the librarian suggests all of his favorite people, none of whom resonate with the girl (His reaction to her comments about Teddy Roosevelt was particularly funny.) This play touches on so many different things in only ten pages, including the domination of white men in the realm of the 'historically important' and the fact that women can (and do) find themselves trapped literally anywhere by men in conversations they can't gracefully escape.
  • Craig Houk:
    27 May. 2021
    The dialogue in this highly comedic and caustic exchange between a Caucasian librarian and an African-American teenager is absolute perfection! Natalie has a research project to complete and Jerry is super eager to assist her with finding the perfect historical subject, all of whom happen to be male, white and frankly irrelevant. McClain gives us a lesson in how to be helpful by asking us to reject our biases and to simply be available as an ally. An incredibly thoughtful and important piece. Simultaneously expressive and entertaining. Highly recommend.
  • Jack Levine:
    18 Oct. 2020
    EMILY MCCLAIN hits the nail on the head when it comes to understanding why an offer of help is appreciated if it addresses the needs and wants of the person receiving the advice and not the person giving the advice. “The Un-Help Desk” takes place in a library. But, unfortunately, many people give unsolicited advice which totally misses the mark of what is truly needed. This is a good ‘word-to-the-wise’ lesson to be learned. It would be a fun play to watch. I loved reading it.

Production History

  • Community Theater
    La Raza


Audience Choice
Raze The Space Play Festival
Raze The Space Theatre- Los Angeles