Susannah's father has just died. But she doesn't have time to grieve. She's been called to Romania to help an unnamed company expand into international markets. Trapped in a world of corporate absurdity, Susannah's grief grows more distant as she burrows into her job. Meanwhile, the city outside is beginning to look oddly like the office inside. AirSpace is a comedy about the cultural consequences of globalization.
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Recommended by

  • Playwrights Foundation:
    24 Feb. 2024
    The community of National Committee readers for the 46th Bay Area Playwrights Festival advanced AIRSPACE as a Semi-Finalist at Playwrights Foundation. We were compelled by the play's exploration of existential abstraction and absurdity that occurs while traveling through homogenized, globalized spaces, and the play captures that disorientation. We highly enjoyed the stylization building the world of the play and the lines that get blurred in this exploration of loss of identity, culture, and poor work/life balance. We hope this play is considered for further development and investigation, and finds dedicated collaborators in this play’s journey towards production. #BAPF46
  • Cheryl Bear:
    7 May. 2021
    How do you handle grief when you're stuck in a world where the corporation has taken over your life? Insightful and well done.

Development History

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    Theatertreffen Stückemarkt
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    University of Iowa