Which Way to the Beach

Ten-Minute: (2015) George and Marjorie come all the way to South Beach to meet the man their son Steve is going to marry. Hilarity ensues.

Published in the "Love is Love is Love" anthology by the Protest Plays Project in 2017. Published by Smith Scripts in the collection "Ask Me Anything and Other Short Plays."
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Which Way to the Beach

Recommended by

  • Adam Richter:
    30 Mar. 2021
    Philip Middelton Williams messes with your expectations perfectly in this laugh-out-loud funny play about mistaken identity. George and Marjorie are endearing as the fish-out-of-water Midwestern couple in South Beach, and the surprising reveal at the play's climax is a fantastic twist. This would be a hoot to stage.
  • Doug DeVita:
    25 Sep. 2020
    This is a fun comedy of mounting errors and mistaken identities, peppered with sly bon mots and withering quips that barely hide the deeper issue bubbling underneath its witty surface: unconditional love and acceptance from the parental units. One hopes Marjorie, at least, will find her way to the beach.
  • Molly Wagner:
    17 Mar. 2020
    The characters drew me in immediatley and I was pulled in by their honesty and vulnerability as they discussed true acceptance and the poster of acceptance. I was not expecting the twists but I am oh so happy with how the ending tied up. The setting also felt like a character in itself, which I really enjoyed. So fun!

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