Which Way to the Beach

George and Marjorie come all the way to South Beach to meet the man their son Steve is going to marry. Hilarity ensues.

Published in the "Love is Love is Love" anthology by the Protest Plays Project in 2017.
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Which Way to the Beach

Recommended by

  • Eytan Deray:
    16 Oct. 2019
    Cute, fun little farce with a sincere message of love and acceptance at the center, plenty of cringe-inducing parent humor, and a nice twist at the end. Another strong piece by Philip Middleton Williams!
  • Julie Zaffarano:
    4 Oct. 2019
    Fun twists and turns in this family play. Parents have been embarrassing their children since beginning of time, but love and acceptance transcend the cringes. Well done.
  • Larry Rinkel:
    3 Jun. 2019
    This play (which somehow has the aroma of south Florida all through) turns some clichés upside down. Here it's the voluble big cop father who accepts his son's gay marriage, while the mother is more resistant. And watch that cell phone swallowing and breaking up consonants; it's a hint of the joke that lies ahead. Though the play basically turns on that one joke, it's a good one. Still, the best line: "We also do bar mitzvahs."

Production History

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    New Theatre