Which Way to the Beach

Ten-Minute: (2015) George and Marjorie come all the way to South Beach to meet the man their son Steve is going to marry. Hilarity ensues.

Published in the "Love is Love is Love" anthology by the Protest Plays Project in 2017. The script is available at www.pmwplaywright.com.
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Which Way to the Beach

Recommended by

  • John Busser:
    27 Oct. 2021
    A great blending of drama and comic farce, Which Way to the Beach is a terrific play about family dynamics and mistaken identity. Philip Middleton Williams has assembled a nicely diverse cast of characters, some of whom are refreshingly against type (the cop who so loves his son, he treats potential suitors as suspects to be interrogated, to make sure they are good enough). As the confusion about who's really who builds, the play ramps up in hilarious fashion. But it also says something about acceptance and being realistic about it as well. Great stuff!
  • Rene Zabel:
    8 Oct. 2021
    Phillip gives us a humorous and believable look into real life. The parents were honest and real, though lost. I say lost because of the notion of “what would the world think” attitudes. I say real, because I’ve heard this conversation in my own family, unfortunately, the conversation didn’t change anything. But, here, in What Way to the Beach, I believe there is a small inkling of change.
  • Adam Richter:
    30 Mar. 2021
    Philip Middelton Williams messes with your expectations perfectly in this laugh-out-loud funny play about mistaken identity. George and Marjorie are endearing as the fish-out-of-water Midwestern couple in South Beach, and the surprising reveal at the play's climax is a fantastic twist. This would be a hoot to stage.

Character Information

  • Eric
    Early thirties
  • George
    Midwestern conservative.
  • Marjorie
    Midwestern conservative
  • Rick
    Late twenties
  • Steve
    Early thirties

Production History

  • Professional
    New Theatre