Far, Far Better Things

Inspired by Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, Geetha Reddy’s new play tells the story of two women—a Latina domestic worker and a young South Asian doctor—separated by class, race, and the unspoken rules of modern womanhood. See what happens when these two women strive to balance their responsibilities to their children, to themselves, and to each other.
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Far, Far Better Things

Recommended by

  • Maximillian Gill:
    8 Mar. 2020
    Reddy's daring play manages to encompass an astonishing range of relevant topics, from class and race issues to gender inequality with all of its harmful effects both subtle and apparent. However, the piece is never preachy and always focuses on specific characters and their struggles. I am also impressed by how carefully the writer parcels out information about a central event that changed the lives of the characters in a way that keeps us intrigued but never confused until at last the full weight of the pivotal incident hits us. Stunning work.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    25 Aug. 2019
    A beautiful script. I was so invested in the characters, and their lives, I was on the edge of my seat while reading. My heart was breaking for the lack of options for Pilar, the loneliness of Zoe, the dashed spirit of Dani. I wish I'd seen the production earlier this year, and hoping this play keeps getting produced! Highly recommend reading and producing.

Development History

  • Commission
    Shotgun Players

Production History

  • Professional
    TheatreFirst (co-producer)