The Neurology of the Soul

A play about the nexus of neuroscience, marketing, love, and art. "A love story about an ex-artist named Amy who participates in an experimental study conducted by her husband, a cognitive neuroscientist named Stephen...Einhorn handles the depths of these kinds of [neuroscientific] dilemmas with an impressive ease. As a neuroscience writer, I can attest that this is difficult to achieve." - Stephen Macknik, Scientific American.
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The Neurology of the Soul

Recommended by

  • Cheryl Bear:
    13 Jul. 2021
    A brilliant exploration of neurology and the relationship to art, love and marketing. Revealing and well done.

Character Information

  • Stepehen
    A cognitive neuroscientist
  • Mark
    The head of a neuromarketing firm.
  • Claire
    An owner of an art gallery
  • Amy
    Stephen's wife, an artist

Production History

  • Professional
    A.R.T./New York Theatre