Big Happy Days

TEN-MINUTE: The world has been over for thousands of years. Only Gloria and Maybel are left. Until one day, among the steaming mush and the old filing cabinets from advertising agencies gone by, Maybel finds a rarity. A man.
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Big Happy Days

Recommended by

  • Dan Caffrey:
    6 Sep. 2022
    Laughed my ass off while watching/reading this. I love how it starts off leaning into the characters' archetypes, then slowly peels back their veneers to reveal warmth, depth, and unity. A supremely funny, moving, and satisfying play.
  • Karen Ruetz:
    19 Aug. 2022
    A thought-provoking short play....lots of dark humor and what-ifs. Recommend!

Character Information

  • Maybel
  • Gloria
  • Dave

Production History

  • Professional
    Samuel French OOB Festival
  • Workshop
    Williamstown Theater Festival