Bombastic Blue

What happens when you shrug off the news to follow click-bait about fashion and pop culture? The end still comes; you’re just less prepared. BOMBASTIC BLUE is a dark comic cocktail: one part bomb-shelter, one part extramarital affair, one part ill-timed selfie, garnished with a look inward that comes one apocalypse too late.
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Bombastic Blue

Recommended by

  • Randy Hunt:
    4 Oct. 2021
    What a fun read! This play was absolutely engaging right from the start. The witticisms and snappy retorts were hysterical! We see just a quick glimpse into what "the end" might look like -- and it's scary! I would love to play FRED in a production of BOMBASTIC BLUE!
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    28 Aug. 2019
    A funny and horrifying ten-minute about what just might be our apocalypse. The dialogue is snappy and engaging, with plenty for actors to dig into in production.

Character Information

  • Julie
    20s-early 30s,
    An “it” girl, often mistaken for dumb.
  • Fred
    That guy who shares too many political articles on Facebook.
  • Dolly
    30s-early 40s,
    African American / Black
    A survivor.

Development History

Production History