The Sound of Many Oceans

Alex believes a micro-circuitry device has been attached to his body to reshape his brain and prevent him from hearing the sound of oceans. His friend and Confidant Jules agrees to search his body. Later, Kelly is interrogated by her friend and Advocate Jules, who is determined to uncover the secret location of an invisible, formless being of cryptic and dangerous power. 

Currently undergoing revisions. Sample available.
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The Sound of Many Oceans

Character Information

  • Jules
    Confidant of Alex. Advocate of Kelly. At turns manipulative, clandestine, commanding. Obsessed with discarding her humanity.
  • Alex
    Served with Kelly. At turns manic, paranoid, frightened. Creates fantastic technology.
  • Kelly
    Served with Alex. At turns whimsical, suspicious, aggressive. Calculates faster than thought.

Development History

  • Reading
    Dramatists Guild End of Play Virtual Table Reading