If Everyone On Earth Dies, I Can't Graduate!

10-MIN PLAY: Gehovia wants more than anything to graduate with her class. But her doctorate thesis project has run into a big snag. Every living thing on the planet is dying off quickly. To graduate she must find the problem and solve it before the universe as we know it becomes nothing more than an empty cardboard box with suspended lights in it.
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If Everyone On Earth Dies, I Can't Graduate!

Recommended by

  • Megan Ann Jacobs:
    26 Aug. 2020
    L. Jan Eira's skill in combining his knowledge of the medical sciences and craft for psychological thriller strikes again! A wonderful read that would be a great fit for any festival and especially those who wish to give a meaty role to a younger actress.
  • Jonathan O'Neill:
    14 Jul. 2019
    First, it’s worth reading Dr. Eira’s website and biography. His medical background shapes his writing in an appreciable, interesting way.
    In this play, he takes that hallowed philosophical question — is human life a simulation? — and turns it into a wry, mind-bending sci fi comedy. His clever dramatic structure toys with our perceptions and builds to multiple cosmic twists. At the end, you might question your reality itself!

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    Indy Fringe Theater, Indianapolis, Indiana