Last Night

(This play was commissioned by Theatre Lab at Florida Atlantic University)

After a shooting at a lesbian bar, as an act of resistance, Mia opens up the bar the next night. Together with bartender Rory, Rory's girlfriend Leslie, and a student named Sara they unpack what it means to queer today, the battles we're still fighting, and where to find joy.
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Last Night

Recommended by

  • Shaun Leisher:
    3 Mar. 2024
    "Happiness is an act of resistance."

    I really loved this play and these characters who are just trying to make sense of an awful tragedy.
  • Sasha Fuller:
    8 Dec. 2021
    This play is an act of resistance in itself. With expert commentary on queer discourse, what binds us, what tears us apart, and what we can do when everything feels hopeless, this play absolutely honors those we have lost. So much happens, especially for such a dialog heavy show, that you will not want to stop reading. Generational differences are exposed, stereotypes are subverted, and friends are made. This piece contains the pure essence of the queer community.
  • Cheryl Bear:
    9 Nov. 2021
    In the aftermath of violent acts is when a group of people discover what resistance truly is. It's being alive and embracing love. Well done.