The Profession (Full-length play)

What if everything you thought about higher education was wrong? Despite twenty-nine years as an English professor, Valerie Hardy has managed to maintain her academic idealism — but just barely. However, when her star student, Marina, prostitutes herself in order to pay for school, Valerie reexamines the profession and discovers it's a brothel.
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The Profession (Full-length play)

Recommended by

  • Doug DeVita:
    28 May. 2020
    In the current climate where higher education has become more interested in the bottom line, the sharing of knowledge has lost its currency. Eppich-Harris delineates this distressing turn of events with heartbreaking precision and clarity in her terrific play "The Profession." Smartly written, with compelling – and complex – characters, this is a work that has a lot to say, and says it exceptionally well.
  • Megan Ann Jacobs:
    27 Apr. 2020
    This is a wonderful character piece that follows to modern-women struggling against a patriarchy centuries old. What will keep you engaged is the quick wit and strength of Valerie and the all to relatable struggles of Marina. This piece pulls no punches when bringing a magnifying glass to the state of our educational institutions today and the sad reality of the hypocrisy in supposed pious institutions. A wonderful play for people who wish to give opportunities to actors to truly lean into some complex and motivated characters.

Character Information

  • Valerie
    Professor of Renaissance Literature
  • Marina
    Student, English major, lover of Renaissance literature, comes from a poor background, works for Dr. Hardy and is a
  • Mark
    Provost, PhD in Mathematics, no people skills -- the kind of man who somehow manages to twist people's words to suit his purposes. Secretly attracted to Valerie, but would never act on it with her.
  • Paul
    Professor of Theology, seems to be a good guy, but is incredibly flawed; married with children.
  • Lucy
    Stripper and recovering drug addict, confidante to Marina.
  • Jill
    Assistant Professor of English, specialist in Women's literature. She is a perfectionist and an opportunist.
  • Flint
    Manager of The Cat Nip strip club; your basic asshole.

Development History

  • Reading
    Indiana Playwrights Circle, September 29
  • Workshop
    Indiana Playwrights Circle - Scene Nights, September 18, 25


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