Scavengers (Ten Minute Play)

Klara and Jeff met online, but they're meeting in person for their first date. When they're accosted by two teenagers, Klara and Jeff have a defining moment.
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Scavengers (Ten Minute Play)

Recommended by

  • Lee R. Lawing:
    15 May. 2021
    When the girl and boy enter I found myself yourself holding my breath and hoping that the play doesn't take a turn I wasn't prepared for. The message at the end is one that is good for us all to hear and realize. I love that last few lines and being scavengers for love.
  • Ross Tedford Kendall:
    18 Apr. 2021
    A great little play that twists things around and leaves you guessing. The characters come out the other side with a very satisfying conclusion. A fun play for any ten minute festival.
  • Andrew Martineau:
    22 Mar. 2021
    The most intriguing aspect of this play is the way in which Eppich-Harris takes an awkward situation, a first date, makes it even more awkward by introducing this overzealous teenage couple with initially unclear intentions, and then surprises us at the end with how the conflict has developed. This would so much fun to watch!

Development History

  • Workshop
    Indiana Playwrights Circle


Lakeshore Players Theatre 16TH Annual 10 Minute Play Festival
Lakeshore Players Theatre