About a Ghoul

Aleah is shamed and banished for an act she did not commit and journeys to the mysterious land of ghouls, where things are not always as they appear. A thrilling tale of comradeship and responsibility, Aleah makes a friend and takes on a new identity, and by her wits and cunning restores her own good name. With translations by Abdeghani Kitab.
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About a Ghoul

Recommended by

  • Claudia Haas:
    24 Feb. 2020
    Everything in this play gives you happy surprises. It’s a charming, heartfelt story for young people. It’s also slyly clever, witty and gives young audiences a strong young female protagonist who takes charge. The adventure into the land of the ghouls is filled with theatrical possibilities that brought me into another world and another time. The theme of friendship resonates throughout. Hansen has a knack for bringing us into new lands that show us our worlds are based on a common humanity. (Aside: If I was still acting, I would love to be Horse.)

Production History

  • Professional
    Talespinner Children's Theatre