Abortion Road Trip

Minnie and Lexa join Driver on a road trip from San Antonio to New Mexico to get an abortion. While on their journey, each of three women discuss all of the baggage we carry with us and how the circumstances leading to three very different abortions shaped them into who they are.

(Through May 2020, if anyone wants to stage ABORTION ROAD TRIP, as part of a fundraiser or protest art, the royalties are waived.)
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Abortion Road Trip

Recommended by

  • Cameron Houg:
    19 Jan. 2019
    This play is like a ticking time bomb. The closer we get to the characters, and the closer they get to their destination, the more the tension builds up. Ultimately though, it ends on a hopeful note.

    Truly a play about the things left unsaid. It's about characters who learn to be happy and who "celebrate the day they took their bodies back". Lovely, moving, funny, and relatable.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    9 Jan. 2019
    I love this play. It feels like you're sitting on the couch with your best friend talking about everything and nothing when you read it. The characters are so complex and compelling, I would sit through many a road trip with any of them. The theatricality of time and space in this play is so brilliant. It's funny and sad and it made me think of the women and girls I've been close to and hope that I've done okay by them when they needed me. Please please produce this play immediately, somewhere near me! Wonderful work.
  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    20 Mar. 2018
    I love this play and how theatrical it is - how it takes what could be a very static situation (a long road trip) - and turns it into a way to understand the lengths we have to go to to take care of ourselves today. I love the complexity of the choices these characters face. I would love to see this staged!

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    Theatre Prometheus


Best Comedy
DC Capital Fringe