Abortion Road Trip

Minnie and Lexa join Driver on a road trip from San Antonio to New Mexico to get an abortion. While on their journey, each of three women discuss all of the baggage we carry with us and how the circumstances leading to three very different abortions shaped them into who they are.

(Through May 2020, if anyone wants to stage ABORTION ROAD TRIP, as part of a fundraiser or protest art, the royalties are waived.)
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Abortion Road Trip

Recommended by

    25 Oct. 2020
    Loved this play and this playwright's voice. Read it start to finish in one sitting. The dialogue is funny and real and the theatricality adds to the feeling of being on a journey to a future with these characters while at the same time stopping for visits with the past.
  • Ross Tedford Kendall:
    27 Sep. 2020
    While the subject matter may be serious, this play tempers it with humor and sensitivity. The two sisters, their driver, and the other people in their lives weave an intricate narrative of past regrets and future hope. A breathtakingly beautiful piece.
  • Jean Hartley Sidden:
    15 Jun. 2020
    “Abortion Road Trip” is a highly theatrical adventure about much more than getting an abortion, although that would be enough. Deep secrets between friends and family are revealed and faced head on as the young women make their way to New Mexico in a cab driven by a woman who has secrets of her own to add to the mix. There are enough abortions in the pasts of the characters, with all the justifications and ramifications examined and discussed. It’s a play that should be produced across the country.

Development History

  • Workshop
    Theatre Prometheus


Best Comedy
DC Capital Fringe