Abortion Road Trip

Minnie and Lexa join Driver on a road trip from San Antonio to New Mexico to get an abortion. While on their journey, each of three women discuss all of the baggage we carry with us and how the circumstances leading to three very different abortions shaped them into who they are.

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Abortion Road Trip

Recommended by

  • Megan Ann Jacobs:
    11 Feb. 2023
    I had the pleasure of being Quinn/Taylor in a production of this powerful piece. The characters are raw, real, and all uniquely related to the subject matter. This show is full of amazing roles for women, LGTBQ+ characters, and POC. It highlights the current issues passionately, while still remaining focused on the characters and relationships they have between each other and with themselves. Great script!
  • Charles Riffenburg:
    17 Jan. 2022
    A fantastic story about community and a subject that connects more people than you probably think. The characters are all unique and well-written. I could not put the script down until it was over.
  • Melissa Maxwell:
    17 Dec. 2021
    Rachel is a really good writer. We produced this play at Stella Adler Studio of Acting NY in 2021. Great roles for women. Complex, beautifully drawn characters. A wonderful mix of humor and heartache. An uplifting story.

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    Theatre Prometheus

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Best Comedy
DC Capital Fringe