He Misses

College friends Mallory and Tyler seem like the perfect match for platonic roommates. There's only one problem: When Tyler goes to the bathroom, he "misses"
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He Misses

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  • Alexander Perez:
    29 May. 2020
    Vermillion pulls off a hire wire act few even dare attempt. He Misses weaponizes the grotesquely absurd and wields it like a samurai warrior. The truth isn't pretty and it's wet.
  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    2 Feb. 2020
    Vermillion covers so much ground in this, and while yes, most of it is covered in pee, it's wonderful! Always nice to find other playwrights whose aesthetic is so similar to my own! This play addresses a slew of canonical pissing plays that truly need revision. I am happy to recommend HE MISSES as a hilarious comic romp to fuel discussion and awareness and potentially change! Please read and produce often!
  • Matthew Weaver:
    9 Dec. 2019
    You know a play is good when you immediately begin plotting to develop a play festival just so you have an excuse to produce it. (Seriously, partner this with Emma Goldman-Sherman's TOILET PAPER and you've got the two most talked-about plays of the evening.) Vermillion's play is hilarious and biting and destined to become a mainstay at any evening of short plays.This is sharp, honest, hysterical writing with a serious bite and a hint of an absurdist bent. Seriously, put HE MISSES on and watch the men in the audience wilt under the knowing gazes of their significant others.

Production History

  • Workshop
    NoMads Art Collective


Samuel French OOB Festival