Wave Walker

[10-minute] Returning to the beach where her young daughter drowned, a woman demands an apology from the personification of violent waves. But how can one elicit sympathy from a force of nature indifferent to human suffering?
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Wave Walker

Recommended by

  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    20 Mar. 2019
    Yes, oceans are sometimes the only thing large enough to hold our grief, and this one refuses to do that! How large it all feels! How impossible to surmount! I love the scale of this short but intense impactful piece. I love how Nature is so much larger than the humans in the play. And I love how the final response/action can be a movement toward creation.
  • Tiffany Antone:
    19 Mar. 2019
    Heartbreaking and powerful in its brevity. Incredibly moving exploration of grief, lovingly written!
  • Donna Hoke:
    4 Feb. 2019
    I didn't expect this play to go where it did, but appreciated this exploration of grief, the unyielding human need for explanation and reason, when, in truth, there isn't any. Beautifully done.

Character Information

  • Meryl
    A poet haunted by grief.
  • Leia
    Appears 20s-30s,
    A mysterious woman. She is Cymopoleia, the ancient Greek goddess of violent waves.

Development History

  • Reading
    San Francisco Olympians Festival

Production History

  • Professional
    Pear Theatre