16 Inches

"16 Inches" deals with the issue of changing neighborhoods and gentrification through the eyes of members of a 16-inch softball team in Chicago. The game, unique to Chicago, provides the spark that ignites a debate about who owns a neighborhood, a city, and what happens when things change. It also tries to examine this through humor, drinking and a lot of profanity (which, while not unique to Chicago, is pretty well represented).
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16 Inches

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  • Greg Lam:
    15 Feb. 2018
    This is a hilarious, profane play which uses a softball team in Chicago as the pinhole to view all manner of issues in race, class, gentrification, sexuality, change, and life. The players on this team are all going through a lot of stuff as the world changes around them. It's laugh-out-loud funny, and the details are so specific you feel as if you can pinpoint the block in Chicago the game is being played. Hear an excerpt on the play with playwright interview here: https://www.bostonpodcastplayers.com/bpp-season1/

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