After suffering a terrible work accident as a result of a negligent manufacturing defect, Malik must live with the inevitable consequences. Lawyer Laurel’s confident, comfortable life is challenged when she meets Malik’s father Gid. In a nation where lawsuits have been equated with greed, how can Gid attain compensation and justice comparable to human life?
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Recommended by

  • Ellen Koivisto:
    25 Nov. 2018
    Corthron is a great writer, one who makes this story of a pro-bono tort case taken on by a real estate lawyer surprising, tense, sad, compelling, and immediate. The characters are all people you meet in the street, and the circumstances are straight out of real life. The stakes jump from high to higher as corporate greed grinds away at the characters. What is courage? Is it working in a cherry picker without outriggers? Is it fighting for justice? Is it empathy in despair, or from great wealth? What are our obligations to ourselves and each other? Highly recommended.
  • David Hansen:
    30 Apr. 2017
    Corthron's play is taut and tense, with colorful and flawed characters, all essentially decent, their intentions clear and understood -- a legal thriller without any of your cigar-twiddling villains. What's at stake is very real and urgent, and the conclusion uncertain up to the final moment. Highly recommended.

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    Victory Gardens Ignition Festival