Consider the Ficus

On the day of the 2013 SCOTUS decision, Garrison, an environmental lobbyist, and his partner Nate, an editor, are working through a crucial turning point of their own.
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Consider the Ficus

Recommended by

  • Arianna Rose:
    3 Aug. 2022
    What a heartbreaking, honest, beautifully crafted look at relationships, ficus trees, and Scotus decisions. Playwright Audrey Cefaly gives a masterclass in 10 short pages. Nate and Garrison are written unflinchingly, warts and all, and our heart goes out to both of them. Consider the Ficus has plenty of humor to spare, with the ticking clock of the Scotus decision and the paths ahead for both. A treat for actors, director, and any audience lucky enough to see it.
  • Lee R. Lawing:
    10 Jan. 2022
    Relationships are hard regardless the gender. There is a lingering sadness with Cefaly's play and that's the way it should be considering that that Garrison and Nate are at a crossroads with their relationship which may end up all right, but maybe not and that's just one of the facts of life where two people are trying to fulfill their individual needs and desires which sometimes puts the couple itself in jeopardy of not crossing the finish line with or without a ring on it.
  • Andrew Martineau:
    4 Sep. 2021
    I love how this play deals with a couple on the precipice of social and political change, and how marriage equality is framed within the lens of two men in love going through the turbulence of what every couple goes through on some level. The fragility and care of a ficus plant takes center stage here with sober relevance and a welcome dose of good humor. This is a brief, nuanced play told by a master dramatist.

Production History

  • Professional
    DC Queer Theatre Festival (World Premiere)