Rules of Comedy

Caroline is really, really not funny. Which is why she hires Guy, a stand-up comedian with some hang-ups of his own, to teach her how to tell jokes. But it turns out that they both have things to learn from one another, about life as well as laughter.
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Rules of Comedy

Recommended by

  • Emma Goldman-Sherman:
    24 Dec. 2018
    Such a warm and delightful comic play - I love the characters and their personal struggles and how these struggles organically arrive to change the course of things. I also thought Caroline was really funny even though she's not what Guy might think of as funny. The humor is there but in an unexpected way. And the deep reasons for it all make it that much more worthwhile. Great work!
  • Robert Lynn:
    12 May. 2018
    In every situation in life, you're either the student or the teacher. And even when you're the teacher, you're the student. These two have a lot to learn from each other. As we see that process beginning, we are left wanting for more. A delightful, romantic relationship has begun in a most unusual way.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    11 Apr. 2018
    Funny and sweet and incredibly well written. Cotter is excellent at creating vibrant characters right from page one, and RULES OF COMEDY is not exception. It's no wonder this play was selected by the Humana Festival. Highly recommend reading and producing!

Production History

  • Professional
    City Theatre, Miami Florida
  • Professional
    Humana Festival