The Edible Complex

One act. 10-year-old Anna decides to stop eating so that she can look like the women she sees in magazines and on TV. But it's hard to ignore your food when it starts talking to you.
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The Edible Complex

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  • Claudia Haas:
    7 Feb. 2018
    Cheeseburgers and brownies speak to ten-year old Anna in this sweet play that hits a lot of food-truisms without hammering a message. Anna is on track to be a chef until she discovers her Mom's magazines and photos of skinny, unsmiling women who are the "beauty norms of the day." Anna's relationship with food becomes complicated. This play is a charmer and addresses food and how we deal with it in a way that is accessible and humorous for young audiences. A perfect play for touring and discussions.
  • Rachel Bublitz:
    19 Sep. 2017
    A super fun script for kids that manages to bring up an important topic, our relationship with food and how it sometimes can become unhealthy, without hitting its audience over the head with a "message."

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