How We Live In Our Bodies Now

Viv and her girlfriend Langly try to move forward after Langly survives a mass shooting. Ollie is lost, in love, lost. Langly is becoming something other than.
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How We Live In Our Bodies Now

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  • Joshua Young:
    20 Sep. 2018
    This play is exceptionally moving and rich. I think this play is about dealing with grief, but it does something rather hard to do: it serves as a release for the communal grief of the audience. The characters are rich and the world complex and phantasmagoric... which serves to heighten the existential fear that comes with facing terror, death, and what comes next.
  • Gina Femia:
    16 May. 2018
    What a gorgeous play about grief, Darcy's dialogue is so crisp and funny and full of power. I really loved this play.
  • Ricardo Soltero-Brown:
    17 Feb. 2018
    Darcy Parker Bruce has created a work of art that concerns and focuses itself so wholly on three states of being: knower of tragedy, survivor of tragedy, and victim of tragedy; the three states are personified by Viv, Langley, and Ollie respectively. Langley is in a delicate position, one where guilt and even a sense of debt are accrued to the point that a transmogrification, a transmutation, simply a transition must, must, must occur. I haven't read words like this since Naomi Wallace. A daring task to accept and leave the past in order to accept and enter the future.

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    Exquisite Corpse Company